Development of new tinning process technology for packaging steel production




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ArcelorMittal Global R&D is spanning the Globe with 12 sites dedicated to research (operating in process, products, application and steel solutions) within 8 countries and more than 25 nationalities. Because quality outcomes and innovation spirit depend on quality people, we seek to attract and nurture the best people to deliver superior and innovative solutions to our customers. Would you want to integrate a multicultural company with challenging missions and passionate people, ArcelorMittal is for YOU!

Description du poste :

The global mission will be to develop a new technology for tinning section for ArcelorMittal tinplate lines. The objective of intern will be focussed on a new process development with the following actions: 1. Review literature on steel packaging market and processes 2. Identify and understand the tinplante line process and focus on the tinning process section 3. Understand and study the new electrolytic deposition process 4. Create a first model version considering all the process inputs and outputs allowing a very good deposition mastering Within ArcelorMittal tinning line is one important of the last process step before the product delivery to the can and food makers customer. The tinning line objective is to provide a good tin covering of the steel to answer to different criteria requested by the supplier. The packaging market is a very competitive sector and it is continually evolving in term of environmental, application needs, safety rules and product characteristics. Moreover, the steel is faced to increasing use of other materials like plastic, glass and aluminium for packaging applications Under such circumstances tinning lines are continuously working on further optimization, production speed and quality improvement. The intern will collaborate with different R&D teams to build new model for the tinning line process. This will contribute to improve the knowledge in the physical and chemical processes domain and to allow to reach our ambitious objective for ArcelorMittal Packaging steel products.

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Discipline: Physical / Chemical / process / model Required profile and competencies - Chemical and process engineering (master 1 or 2) - Good metallurgy knowledge - Logical thinking, scheduling, results oriented, rigorous, autonomy and team-working. - A good English level is required, and French is recommended for daily use - Programming knowledge. Start date: September 2021 or March 2022 Interested candidates can apply though the website or send directly the CV and the cover letter to:

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  • Français : Bilingue ou langue maternelle
  • Anglais (USA) : Compétence professionnelle

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